Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Speaker: Alan Kenny

In a time of uncertainty and confusion, conspiracy theories are gaining traction. A popular theory is that the rollout of 5G mobile network is responsible for spreading Covid-19.

It’s not the case that working class people believe conspiracy theories because they are stupid. Perhaps it’s because they sense they are fed lies from the mainstream – governments and the mass media will pick and choose what information they release to the public according to what suits their agenda.

But conspiracy theories lay the blame for the problems of the world in the wrong places. They often boost the racism that is pushed from the top of society and distract from the real divide – that between rich and poor.

As socialists we believe that capitalism is to blame for these problems – and that the power to change society lies with the working class.

How do we understand and overcome the popularity of conspiracy theories, and argue that socialism holds the answers?

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19th May 2021
7:30 pm

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