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War and the International

With the centenary of the First World War upon us the ruling class have wasted no time in attempting to hijack the history of the conflict to serve their view of the world. Here is Leon Trotsky’s analysis of the war, written in 1915. He was sentenced to two years in prison in absentia by a German military court for writing this – its that good!

War and the International – Leon Trotsky


Marxism & Feminism Today
Marxism and Feminism Today

Recently there has been a revival of interest in Feminist ideas. This complex and often misunderstood topic is analysed by Judith Orr in this 2010 article from the ISJ.

Marxism and feminism today – Judith Orr [PDF]

Marxism and feminism today – Judith Orr [MOBI file – for Kindle and other eReaders]

Party and Class

Chris Harman’s seminal analysis of the roles and functions of the various types of Political Party. First published in 1969 and as relevant today as ever.

Party and Class- Chris Harman [PDF]

Party and Class – Chris Harman [MOBI file – for Kindle and other eReaders]