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Wednesday October 21 - Branch Meeting:

Black Lives Matter to Liberation – How the fight against racism can win


We live in an era of global rebellion against oppression. From huge protest marches and riots, to street corner meetings and online debates, the fight against racism is centre stage.
Millions are asking why the system we live under is so viciously prejudiced – and what we can do to beat it.
This Socialist Workers Party zoom meeting will look at why capitalism needs racism, and which forces in society have the power to bring the whole edifice down. If these are questions you’ve been asking yourself, then this event is for you.
Hassan Mahamdallie – Playwright, writer and specialist in diversity and the arts
Weyman Bennett – Long standing Anti Racist activist
Naima Omar – Tower Hamlets SWP
This is a joint meeting with other east London SWP branches

21st October 2020

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We have cancelled all meetings in person and will be hosting this meeting via Zoom.

Zoom meeting ID 818-391-0420
Password 967537
All welcome