Pamphlet launch: Capitalism and the politics of food

Speaker: Amy Leather, author of the pamphlet and joint national secretary of the SWP.

The global food system causes obesity and malnutrition in equal measure. Capitalist agriculture drives environmental crisis and encourages the emergence of new diseases. At the same time, corporations make vast profits through the exploitation of millions of workers and the cruel treatment of animals in factory farms.

How can we build an equitable, sustainable food system? Is it enough to change our own diet or do we need more fundamental change? Today the food on supermarket shelves connects agricultural workers in the Global South, factory farmers in North America and growers of cash crops in sub-Saharan Africa.

Join us to discuss how we can feed people healthily and sustainably.

21st April 2021
7:30 pm

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Capitalism and the Politics of Food (pamphlet) – visit Bookmarks Bookshop online or contact us to buy a copy:

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